Hi, I'm Angelina

More info about myself

Selecting maths wasn't the dream I have actually constantly from my childhood, it was once recommended to me during Sixth form so after some investigation I got to know my mind was made up. Although I have succeeded in maths I've needed to work extremely hard and be very established. My motivation comes from the love and also passion I have for the topic. This is what I want to share with my training as well as encourage trainees that they do not have to be naturally smart to do the most effective in examinations as well as A levels. You just need to have a passion for the topic which motivates you, to keep your head down and strive. Having this positive attitude, enhancements can be made fast which is exactly how I wish to enhance my student's work with motivation and the idea that they could succeed with focus and research study.

What stimulates me to work hard is the fulfillment of finishing an inquiry that you've struggled with or have needed to go with a long procedure to get the answer. To summarize, I love issue addressing and also obtaining a much deeper understanding for things that I want. To me there is an elegance in maths that stems from that everything fits together so completely and that challenging points can be simplified with basic formulas that make challenging theories or concepts understandable or at least simpler to recognise.